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Nokia X5

Ada Kendala, Peluncuran Nokia X5 DitundaDetikcom (Siaran Pers)-10 minutes ago Jakarta - Sedianya Nokia X5 akan diluncurkan HMD Global di Beijing, China pada Rabu kemarin (11/7/2018). Sayangnya terpaksa ditunda ... Ini Bocoran Spek dan Harga Nokia X5Detikcom (Siaran Pers)-Jul 7, 2018 Jakarta - Setelah membesut Nokia X6, HMD Global diketahui menyiapkan varian smartphone lain. Bernama Nokia X5, seperti apa bocoran ...

The Difference Between a Like and Follow on Facebook

If you have a Facebook business page, it’s important to understand the terminology associated with this platform. This gives you a deeper comprehension of who is seeing and interacting with your content. When you come across a Facebook Page that sparks your interest, you will be faced with an important decision—like or follow. The people who see your page are in the same position, and the choice they make can determine the reach of your posts and who engages with your content. Get the breakdown on the difference between liking and following a business page.
Liking a Business Page When an individual likes your page on Facebook, they automatically opt into following your page. This means that your posts will be seen in their feed and you will be listed in their ‘liked’ directory. It’s important to know that users can unfollow your page after liking your page, which means won’t see your content very often.
Following a Business Page Facebook users have the option to follow a page without…

Samsung at InfoComm 2018: Highlight


Ledakan di Ruko Kebayoran Baru

Ledakan di Ruko Kebayoran Baru, Polisi Sisir LokasiDetikcom (Siaran Pers)-28 minutes ago Jakarta - Sebuah ledakan terjadi di ruko yang berada di Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan. Saat ini polisi tengah berada di lokasi untuk ... Terjadi Ledakan di Ruko Kawasan Kebayoran Baru
Okezone-12 minutes ago Tim Penjinak Bom Sisir Lokasi Ledakan Ruko di Jaksel minutes ago

Wimbledon Winners